Recently we linked information about a development application before Maitland City Council - 

The Maitland Mercury news site now reports "Residents fired up over proposed crematorium and cemetery in Farley".

The Mercury writes

But Amanda Morris, whose property neighbours the site of the proposed development, said the community had a number of concerns including traffic and negative health impacts.

She said the protesters had found online articles from reputable sources overseas indicating there were dangers associated with cremation emissions.

“Even in the proposal, it states that there will be emissions and they will be within the standards,” she said.

“But what are the standards, and who will hold them to these? There are many studies from around the world, because crematoriums are an issue everywhere.

“Mercury in particular is a massive issue because you can’t smell it, see it, feel it or touch it – you just breath it in.”

The community group said they will write to council with their concerns. 

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