According to a report on the ABC Website a  Queensland mother has made an emotional plea for the safe return of her son's ashes, stolen during a break-in at a cemetery west of Brisbane.

Warrill Parki Cemetery & Crematorium Ipswich QLDWarrill Park Cemetery & Crematorium Ipswich QLD Thieves made off with the remains of Andrew Alford, and those of another man, after raiding the crematorium at Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery in Ipswich about 3:30am.

They ransacked an office and left with two plastic containers of ashes, along with an electric drill.

Mr Alford's mother, Pam, said she was "absolutely devastated" by the theft.

His family were due to come together in Ipswich next week to place his ashes in a niche alongside a place set aside for his parents.

He died three years ago, aged 46, in a motorcycle accident.


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