The ABC (Western AUstralia) reports it has been 100 years since guns fell silent on the Western Front, and every year since, Australians promise to remember the men and women who served then and continue to serve.

But many of them lie forgotten in unmarked graves on battlefields on the other side of the world, and thousands in cemeteries closer to home.

 The thought that the promise had been broken inspired a historian in Western Australia's south west to ensure 10 unidentified men were formally honoured for their service.

Jeff Peirce has written histories for more than 450 people laid to rest at the Bunbury Cemetery, but 10 graves proved to be especially challenging.

"These men have laid in their graves here for almost 100 years — forgotten and unacknowledged — and these ceremonies mean they will be remembered forever and that's driven me," Mr Peirce said.

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