The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (the C&C Act) and the Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation 2014 (the C&C Regulation) provide a legislative framework for the provision of interment services, and interment rights in NSW. The system includes comprehensive measures to protect consumers.

Section 28 of the C&C Act provides for Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) to develop codes of practice to give guidance on any interment matter or other matter set out in the objects of the C&C Act. CCNSW has the power to approve, vary or revoke codes of practice under section 30 of the C&C Act.

 CCNSW, in consultation with the interment industry, has developed this code of practice. The code requires operators to implement and adhere to best practice in seven broad areas:

  • fundamental values
  • professional conduct
  • staff capability and skills
  • provision of information and disclosure
  • products and service offerings
  • maintenance of graves, vaults, cemeteries and crematoria
  • complaints and disputes.

The code standardises specific practices across the interment industry while providing sufficient flexibility for operators to promote interment rights competitively in the market.

Operator Code