Josh Butler for Ten Daily reports on some of the issues relating to NSW proposal to adopt a system of tenure on some burial licences going forward:

Dead bodies could be dug up and the graves filled with new occupants after just a quarter of a century, under new legislation proposed by the NSW state government.

The Cemetery and Crematoria Amendment Regulation 2018 would see new graves subject to a "renewable internment right" -- which would give families ownership over the burial plot for 25 years, after which time they would have the option to renew the lease or have the remains moved to a storage unit called an ossuary house.

CCANSW president Pamela Green told 10 daily

"Rookwood, one of the largest in the southern hemisphere, is becoming quite full, The government had tried to obtain land to create a new cemetery, she said, but this sparks a 'not in my backyard' attitude from local residents. That's a natural response but there needs to be much greater discussion about the need for more burial grounds," she said. "We need to find somewhere quite large that will enable us to keep burying people, because not everyone will accept being cremated."

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