Poet Dorothy Kelly is the author of  'Memorial Verses.',  a book specifically written as expressions of love, sorrow & grief at the loss of a loved one. 
Each verses is designed to fit a plaque or headstone.
This book was born out of her experience of loss of many family members including her father and son. From personal experience, Dorothy says she  knows how difficult it is to write about the sorrow of loss especially at such a difficult time.
The book may be a great comfort to those visiting funeral and bereavement offices when making arrangements for deceased loved ones and their remembrance. The written word can often provide inspiration when trying to compose and epitaph or inscription for a plaque. 


ISBN 978-1-875934-68-3
68 Pages
Price: AUS$19.80 (GST inc)

A collection of deeply moving poems expressing the sorrow and grief of losing a loved one. The poems have been written with love and faith. Readers who are currently touched by grief may find consolation in this book.

Ann Williams

Grief is not an event we “get over”, but a process —learning to live our life in a different way, creating a new relationship with the person so dearly missed and growing our life around the sadness that we feel. Memorial Verses is a personal reflection of the grief encountered by the author after the death of her much loved father. As the writing brought comfort to Dorothy Kelly, so may reading the verses console others..

Kate McDonald

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