Have your say on cemeteries & crematoria in the ACT to help identify regulatory changes that will ensure management of cemeteries is contemporary, sustainable & flexible.

 The Australian Capital Territory government says it is holding the review to look at

How do we provide a wide range of burial, cremation and similar services that will meet the current and future needs and preferences of the ACT community in a sustainable way?

We want to know if the current burial and cremation services in the ACT meet the needs of all religious and culturally diverse backgrounds and if they are interested in alternative burial and cremation practices.

The review will also look at the sustainability of cemeteries and crematoria in the ACT and the option of renewable tenure. The subject of renewable tenure is likely to be uncomfortable for some people, but it’s important to have a serious conversation about the ongoing sustainability of our cemeteries. Renewable tenure is not a new concept with other jurisdictions in Australia – New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia – and around the world implementing the model. Find out more about what renewable tenure is and how it could be regulated in the ACT.

It is important to note that if any renewable tenure scheme is introduced in the ACT in perpetuity (forever) interment rights would still be an option and priority would be given to ensuring remains are handled and stored with care and dignity.

We know there’s increasing preference for cremations over burials and there is increased interest in alternative and more environmentally friendly options, such as natural burials. There are also a number of new and emerging technologies which are likely to become more widely available in the near future.

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