Next week at NFDA, Batesville Casket Company will unveil their new unified funeral home resource merging their web-platform, Meaningful Selections, and their new consumer-facing app called Bridges. The days of sparsely updated free-standing kiosks are fading fast, giving way to an efficient, easy-to-use, and remote updated funeral management technology suite.


batesville casket company

Their new app called Bridges is accessible online, on tablets, or smartphones. When a family checks in with your funeral home you simply send an invitation to them via text or email to download the app on their personal device. Once the primary family contact is set up they begin inviting family and friends to join their event and contribute writing, photos, and tips for a collaborative funeral planning experience. The app is noticeably consumer-facing putting more control and customization in the hands of your families and ultimately smoothing out some of the logistical complexities of funeral planning for the directors.

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