What's Next?

There's an interesting opinion article over at Linkedin that's worth a read. Titled "An Open Letter to Funeral Directors - It's Time to Think About Going Out of Business",

I" am witnessing an alarming number of your funeral homes that are ignoring trends, reacting late to trends or just plain don't believe in trends, yet are having their businesses negatively impacted by them.  I am literally watching funeral homes that are customers of ours (and have become friends) losing their funeral homes because call volume and revenue is decreasing, and they can't, won't, or don't know how to do anything about it. You are honest, hard-working people who give selflessly while caring for the bereaved and deserve a more secure business future.

This letter is my plea for you to start thinking about going out of business, but not the really bad and familiar way. I am writing this letter to implore you to stop running the funeral home you have now (metaphorically, of course), start asking the only question that matters, and begin building the funeral home that would put you out of business if it existed."

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