According to an article in LakeMacToday if the State Government has its way, there will be two types of burials in the future; one for those who can afford it, and one for those cannot afford it.

That’s the summation of State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, who is calling on the Wallsend community to ensure they have a say into a Parliamentary Inquiry into new laws which allows graves to be dug up and re-sold.

Ms Hornery said, “In December last year, the Government only gave the public a short two-week consultation window to have their say, and despite the almost unanimous opposition to the plan, the Minister approved the Cemetery and Crematoria Amendment Regulation 2018 in June.

“Under the Regulation, cemetery operators can dig up the remains of loved ones as soon as 25 years after burial. Families will now be faced with the extra cost of maintaining the grave after that period of time or allowing cemetery operators to exhume remains and resell the plot to complete strangers,” said Ms Hornery.

Ms Horney encourages those concerned to make submissions to the Parliamentary committee

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