Grieving families are increasingly being taken advantage of when planning a funeral. The number of complaints to NSW Fair Trading has jumped to record levels. From January 2013 to July 2018, Fair Trading received 175 complaints about funeral services. ***

This prompted the NSW government to warn consumers they should know their rights when choosing a funeral package to avoid dodgy operators who don’t clearly disclose fees and charges. 

Families should follow these Fair Trading tips: Ask about a basic funeral package; Consider a financial arrangement such as a funeral bond or funeral insurance; Pre-purchase the grave site if you intend to be buried; Talk to your family and friends during the process; Seek comparative quotes with a full breakdown of services.

The majority of funeral businesses are honest and hardworking, but a few rogue operators try to take advantage of people in mourning.

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  •  In 2016 there were ~50,000 deaths in New South Wales
  • Between 2013 and 2015 (5 years) Fair Trading NSW reported 175 complaints about funerals
  • During the same period there would have been ~250,000 deaths (funerals).
  • That's about 1 complaint for every 1,428 funerals
  • In percentage terms it's 0.0007%

We agree one complaint is one too many.