The New Daily claims  grieving Australians could be saving “thousands” of dollars in funeral costs but are often ripped off at their most vulnerable by aggressive up-selling tactics on unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’.

 One family was quoted a hefty $8000 for a no-service, no-attendance cremation, according to an industry insider.

While services can be expensive, there are ways to keep costs down.

Ethical investments expert Dr Sandra van der Laan said it is a myth that funerals need to be expensive.

“I’ve been made to feel guilty about cutting costs – the attitude was that if I really cared about my loved one, I wouldn’t be asking questions,” she said, describing her own experience ringing funeral directors for quotes after a death in the family.

This follows The New Daily‘s investigation into funeral insurance which revealed that premiums are often much higher than any eventual pay-out benefit for consumers.

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