The director of Port Kembla’s community-based Tender Funerals pleaded with Wollongong councillors to find a way to keep the city’s crematorium in public hands, all to no avail

The organisation’s general manager Jenny Briscoe-Hough said she feared shutting-down the Berkeley cremator and leaving two privately-run operations to service Wollongong would lead to rising costs for funerals and cremations.

However, at Monday night’s council meeting, a majority of councillors rejected this appeal, voting against a motion from the Greens’ Mithra Cox to call for expressions of interest from organisations wishing to operate the public facility. 

The council announced in early May that it would stop operating the ageing cremator by mid-year, saying it had become a drain on the public purse since a new crematorium operated by Parsons Funerals opened in February.

“I hope we vote down this motion. I hope it’s dead, buried and cremated.”

Wollongong Clr. Cameron Walters

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