Late last year we linked to reports  about how due to the dissatisfaction of the community on how ornaments were being removed from grave sites at Griffith Cemetery, a Cemetery Working Group was formed to review the current guidelines and form a new set that would be more realistic for all affected parties.  That process has now completed with a number of changes occurring:

 Other immediate rule changes are as follows:

  • Fresh and artificial flowers to be permitted through all sections of the Griffith Lawn Cemetery;
  • Current holes, which are too low on the beams, may require filling in and new holes are to be drilled;
  • Griffith City Council By-Law to be amended to permit permanent embellishments, such as trinkets, ornaments, toys, etc to be placed onto the beam in the Lawn Cemetery;
  • No embellishments to be placed below the plaque so as not to cause a hazard to Council staff when tending lawn edges;
  • Maximum height of embellishments to be 200mm;
  • Embellishments to be fixed/secured to the beam;
  • Must be non-offensive;
  • Not to be glass or ceramic;
  • In the Lawn Cemetery lights can either be fixed to the beam, placed in the flower vessels, or solar lights with a stake can be located within the plantable section in beam close to the plaque (however, only one light is permitted per plaque);
  • Christmas decorations to be allowed to remain for the month of December;

And, most importantly, Council is to contact next of kin before any more removals.

“We need the community to know what we’re passing so far – in the management plan,” Ms Soncin said.

“The section of that plan has been passed – it’s been on display for 28 days – it is now a by-law,” Mr Crump said.