An article on PS News states a report on the management of ACT cemeteries by a Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly has been welcomed by the Minister for Transport and City Services, Meegan Fitzharris.

Ms Fitzharris said all 12 recommendations made by the Committee relating to burials, cremations, funding and governance had been noted or agreed to.

“The Committee’s report highlights the diverse community we have in Canberra and the importance of a range of burial, interment and cremation services,” Ms Fitzharris said.

“Consistent with these findings, the Government is committed to providing choice in interment options.”

She said the Government had introduced greater choice of burial options with the opening of the natural burial site at the Gungahlin Cemetery in November 2015 and would continue to cater to future trends and preferences.

Recommendations welcomed

Ms Fitzharris said there would be a review of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 and a public engagement and sensitive consultation process to best achieve this and ensure the continued maintenance and sustainability of Canberra’s cemeteries.

“This will include an assessment of the feasibility and financial basis for adopting a renewable tenure scheme,” the Minister said.

Ms Fitzharris said tenure was currently “in perpetuity”, and across Australia there has been a move to provide options for a shorter period.

“We have also listened to community concerns about where cemeteries should be located in our city and the Government has decided not to proceed with the extension of the Woden Cemetery,” she said.

Ms Fitzharris said the Government would continue to explore the Southern Memorial Park option to ensure that a full range of burial and interment services could be provided across Canberra.

A further recommendation from the Committee was that a second crematorium in Canberra should be considered as a high priority.

The Committee’s 59-page report can be accessed at this PS News link.

Source: PS News dot Com