Bundaberg funeral company FC Brown and Co has sought to build a cemetery at 1 Von Deest St, Branyan, a site that accommodates a residence and crematorium, to help service the ~700 services that happen in Bundaberg each year.

The development will include 1539 burial plots divided into seven sections, separated from each other by memorial rock gardens and offering conventional lawn burials, standard headstones and free-form headstones.

Council planning and development spokesman councillor Ross Sommerfeld is reported as stating said the project would provide an essential service for the region's growing population.

"The applicant for this proposal has provided quality funeral and crematorium services to the community for many years and has demonstrated its ability to extend this service to burials to an industry standard level," he said.

"This particular site has a significant history in the funeral industry, dating back to the mid-1970s. The introduction of private burial services provides residents with an option to hold both a funeral service and internment on site."

Cr Sommerfeld said the council had provided approval subject to a number of conditions that would ensure the addition of a cemetery on the site would not impact the amenity of the area.

Source: News-Mail

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