(ABC Kimberley: Ben Collins)

The ABC reports skeletons of 50 people remain boxed up in a sea container in the northern WA town of Fitzroy Crossing, after the excavation of an eroding cemetery that had bones poking from the dirt.

For years, the Fitzroy River was left to eat away at the old burial site, despite local Aboriginal people raising concerns about why the mainly 'white' town cemetery had been relocated, while the unmarked graves of their relatives were left to wash away.

A three-month excavation funded by the State Government has now wrapped up, with the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre saying six sets of remains had been identified.

"The whole process went well, with the elders involved and the local rangers working with the archaeologists," repatriations officer Neil Carter said.

"There were six remains that were identified … two had names on the body bags, two had hospital bands with their names on them, and two had dog tags with their names on it.

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