There is news that the Catholic Church has spent tens of thousands of dollars building George Pell an “elaborate mausoleum” in the underground crypt below Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral.  Recently completed by Melocco Brothers, a Sydney-based company of stone artisans, the mausoleum is intended as the final resting place for Cardinal Pell, honouring him and his contribution to the church in Australia. 

On article I read states the Sydney Archdiocese has prepared a burial spot for the 76-year-old cardinal upon his eventual death comes as he faces multiple historical sex charges.Cardinal Pell has denied all the allegations, and is working with defence lawyers after returning to Australia from Rome for a committal hearing set to start next month in Melbourne. The Weekend Australian in its report writes it...

 ...understands that Peter Melocco, whose grandfather built the original St Mary’s crypt with its detailed terrazzo floor and marble replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta, encountered some difficulties during the early construction phase of his company’s recent commission.

As well as delays caused by water damage in the cathedral basement that required repair work, Mr Melocco’s firm needed to wait for national park approvals so stone from an old quarry could be accessed and matched with existing material in the crypt.

Melocco Brothers has constructed many of the marble interiors of Sydney’s grander buildings dating back to the 1930s.

The proposed St Mary’s mausoleum for Cardinal Pell was funded in large part with contributions from the church-owned NSW Catholic Cemeteries Board, which is responsible for a number of Sydney’s public cemeteries, including Australia’s largest, Rookwood, in the city’s west. It is understood extra funding was provided when an initial allocation was not enough to finance the project.

St Mary’s crypt are the final resting places of Sydney archbishops John Bede Polding, Kelly and Roger Vaughan and cardinals Patrick Moran, Gilroy, James Freeman and Edward Clancy.

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