Graham BoydThe Daily Telegraph reports recreational land at Bumborah Point is set to become Sydney’s first dedicated Aboriginal cemetery to allow for indigenous Australians to be buried on country.  The La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council (LPALC) struck a deal early last year to forfeit multiple claims over 3.8ha of land to allow for the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust to expand.  The deal will allow for a dedicated Aboriginal cemetery of 125 double depth grave sites and 100 cremation positions.

Randwick Council has now been presented with a planning proposal seeking to include “cemetery” as an additional permitted use to facilitate the expansion of the memorial park.

Trust chief executive Graham Boyd confirmed the proposal was submitted just before Christmas by Urbis Planning, on behalf of the trust and said he was hopeful it would be approved.

Randwick Council is now expected to prepare a report on rezoning the land.