emoji moneyFool.com.au writes Propel Funeral Partners Ltd (ASX: PFP) is the second largest funeral provider in Australia with a market share of around 4.1% in Australia and 6.7% in New Zealand, second only to InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC).   Propel management announced it has executed a call option deed where one its subsidiaries has an option to acquire roughly 19.9% of the shares of Norwood Park Limited, which is a public unlisted company and has more than 50 shareholders. Norwood Park is a current CCANSW member

Propel Funeral Partners Ltd (ASX: PFP)

Propel is a newly listed company that’s following in the footsteps of InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC). Propel has a major presence in the regional areas of Australia, whereas InvoCare locations are based mainly in major cities. Propel could be a market-beating choice because it’s likely to go on an acquisition spree over the next few years. It could turn into a great long-term investment with the (sadly) rising death rate Australia is expected to experience over the next two decades.