graham boydAccording to the Sydney Morning Herald, one of Sydney's largest and oldest cemeteries is trying to squeeze more bodies per burial plot, in a bid to address Sydney's looming shortfall of burial spaces.

From next year, Sydney families will be able to bury their loved ones in specially-designed plots designed to hold as many as 11 remains on a single site, at the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park in Matraville.

A 105-grave trial site will open next year incorporating a first-of-its-kind system, where bodies can be stacked and, once decomposed, packed into an ossuary and stored in a void space buried into the ground.

Graham Boyd, chief executive officer of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, which operates the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, said he was inspired after speaking to members of the Greek Orthodox community, which had a long tradition of using ossuaries.

"It's old thinking, but we're modernising it," he said.

"The problems we have today have been faced by ancient cities, they have had population growth and had to find a solution.

"Some families will embrace it and others won't. Community groups that already have exposure to this, like those in Greece, they are already familiar with the concept and for them the bridge to this new stage of thinking is not a long one."

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