tombstone decayThe Herald (Newcastle, NSW AU) reports families of people who die in NSW will soon be able to lease a grave site for 25 years, before the remains are dug up so the site can be used for another burial.

The state government says the optional 25-year term, which can be renewed for up to 99 years, will help free-up space at over-crowded cemeteries.

But critics of the plan argue that it could place more pressure on families during the already emotionally-testing period of losing a loved one.

Opponents also say introducing a 25-year option could drive up the cost for families who want grave sites that remain in place forever.

Amendments to the Cemetery and Crematoria Act 2013 are open for public feedback on the Crown Lands website until Friday. 

According to the new regulation, cemetery operators must disclose the relevant fees to the family of the deceased person, but it “must include a statement that the disclosed fees and charges are subject to change”.

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