The Sydney Morning Herald reports about Pono Aperahama, who died in tragic circumstances at Lambton swimming pool in Newcastle on October 17, 2017. For almost two months the body of the disabled teenager has remained with the State coroner in Newcastle while his family  waged a bitter war over  the remains.

He died in an ambulance on the way to John Hunter Hospital. Almost immediately his family began fighting over whether he would be buried in New Zealand or cremated in Australia.Pono's mother Te Rina Abraham, who lives in New Zealand, wanted to bury her son there.

However, his father Steven Henry and sister Piki Aperahama wanted the body to be cremated in Sydney and the ashes to be divided equally between both parents.

Members of the family took to social media to air their grievances.

One of the major issues between the parents was a dispute over Maori culture.

Justice Rothman ordered the body to be released to the father and sister, and that after the funeral service and the cremation, both parents were to receive half of the ashes.