woden cemetery small

The Canberra Times reports a parliamentary inquiry has urged the ACT government to look more closely at the idea of recycling future grave sites, as space dwindles at the Woden cemetery.

A Legislative Assembly committee handed down its report into ACT's cemeteries on Thursday, recommending the government move on developing a new cemetery in Canberra's south as an "urgent priority" and build a second public crematorium as a "high priority".

The committee, led by Labor backbencher Suzanne Orr, also called for a review of the laws governing cemeteries to determine how feasible it was to replace the ACT's current perpetual burials with a renewable tenure scheme.

Under such a scheme, future grave sites would be sold for a set period.

As it stands, burial plots bought in the ACT are the property of the family of the person buried there forever.

But with fewer people opting to be buried, filling cemeteries to maintain and diminishing burial space on the southside, the committee asked the government to reexamine perpetual burials.

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