The following are on line resources (external) that might assist those of us who deal with private land burials from time to time.

Please note that in my opinion these are planning matters for the local government authority, not cemeterians.

In Victoria, AU, legislation deals with these issues. There is an online statement available:

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 (the Act) provides that burial outside public cemeteries is prohibited in Victoria except with the prior written approval of the Secretary to the Department of Human Services (the Secretary).  This provision has been drafted to ensure that human remains are disposed of legally, appropriately and with dignity and that these remains can be traced and identified regardless of whether they are disposed of in a private or public cemetery. Under Section 114 of the Act it is an offence to bury a body in a place other than a public cemetery without this approval. This offence may attract a penalty of up to $60,000 or five years imprisonment, or both.


NB: If you have policy, guidelines or other links in relation to these matters please let me know so I can add them here.