sunshine coast beach side memorialRemember "Road Side Memorials"? Then came plaques on seats in public spaces, for a fee of course. And in parts of  Queensland the boardwalk railings on the beaches also appear to have become memorial areas of sorts. Now some Sunshine Coast residents are demanding "no more" and get rid of the ones already there. 

 According to the ABC, the locals are calling for an end to beachside memorials and plaques with some saying they deface the natural environment.  Long-term local and artist Blair McNamara counted 77 memorial plaques on a five-kilometre stretch of beach between Coolum and Yaroomba.

The plaques, which commemorate a loved one, vary in size with some bolted to rocks and others secured to wooden railings.

Unlike the Gold Coast Council, the Sunshine Coast Council permits the installation of memorial plaques as long as the application meets certain criteria, including that the person made a "highly significant contribution" to the community.

There was also a $253 application fee.

But on Coolum Beach, where a large number of the memorial plaques had popped up, the council said no plaque had been approved since 2015.

Mr McNamara said he found it "alarming to constantly come across a grave site".

He said the best plan was not to allow the memorials.

Sunshine Coast deputy mayor Tim Dwyer said he supported memorial plaques being allowed to stay, if they met the council's strict criteria.

Cr Dwyer said where a plaque had been installed illegally, council should remove the plaque and phone the family to discuss following due process.

"If they don't meet the criteria, those people should maybe put it above the fireplace at home or on a rock in the front yard to remember their loved one."

ABC Podcast: For and against: Residents speaking with Annie Gaffney on ABC Sunshine CoastFor and against: Residents speaking with Annie Gaffney on ABC Sunshine Coast

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