in the news 300Canberra cemeteries seems to be big news today. We are told that it is the cheapest city in Australia for funerals, the ACT government rethinks Woden Cemetery expansion beacuse of light rail, and a crematorium is floated as a way to raise cemetery maintenance revenue.

Canberra named the cheapest city in Australia to have a funeral

The cost of living in Canberra may be going up, but when it comes to the cost of dying, the nation's capital is the cheapest of Australian cities.

Figures  show Canberra is the cheapest capital city in the country for funerals, with the average cost of a service $6131.

Crematorium floated as way of paying for upkeep of Canberra cemeteries

A territory-govenment run crematorium was proposed as a way to pay for the continuing upkeep of Canberra cemeteries without hiking burial fees.

However Treasury did not support the proposal and more than a decade on, the project remains on hold

Government rethinks Woden Cemetery expansion because of light rail

The ACT government has been urged to swiftly find alternatives to the planned Woden Cemetery expansion, after City Services Minister Meegan Fitzharris revealed it was being reconsidered because of light rail.

Ms Fitzharris told a budget estimates committee the government was having "another think" about expanding the cemetery, which will run out of space next year, and flagged a Gungahlin expansion as a possible alternative.