Burial in Whroo (Vic) cemetery - click for larger imageTHE only remaining residents at the ghost town of Whroo are those who are six feet underground, but on Sunday the town cemetery trust will commemorate the more than 400 people buried there with the unveiling of a memorial plaque. 

The name of each person known to have been laid to rest at the site has been inscribed in bronze.

One day, cemetery trust chairman Bob Holschier hopes to know exactly where each person has been buried.

But in many instances, grave markings have long since deteriorated. 

“Nothing’s clearly marked,” Mr Holschier said.

A rough plan, from years ago, has helped identify where the graves are.

“But who’s in there is another thing,” Mr Holschier said. 

“We’ve been able to identify a bit over 200 people.”

The trust has had three researchers working on the project for the past few years. 

“There are miners who succumbed to illness or died from accidents in the shafts, and a large number of children taken in infancy when illnesses such as diphtheria or dysentery swept through the community,” Mr Holschier said

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