Hamilton Cemetery VictoriaAccording to an article on the ABC's news website, grieving families are considering mounting a legal challenge over a decision to remove photos and flowers from gravesites in south-west Victoria. The Hamilton Public Cemetery Trust has removed the makeshift memorials for occupational health and safety reasons. The move has sparked fierce opposition from locals, who have formed a support group, representing around 20 families

.Spokesperson Jason Callaway said they were concerned the Cemetery Trust had not adequately notified families of the changes.

"One lady has a young child who's never met their father, the child was born eight weeks after the father passed away," he said.

"The gravesite is used for that young child to bring gifts to interact with their father, so to have all of those mementos taken away, how do you explain that to an eight-year-old kid who's lost their parent?"

Mr Callaway said the group was looking at avenues for appeal.

In response, Tim O'Brien from the Hamilton Public Cemetery Trust is reported to have said they were legally obliged to enforce the changes. "Legally they haven't got a foot to stand on, because it's a government ruling that these things aren't allowed in the cemetery," he said.

"Petitions are not going to change anything; our hands are tied."

He said the trust's position would not falter, but conceded the situation had been mishandled.

"We do apologise to the people who have taken offence to what has been done, and how it's been done," he said.

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