griffiths cemetery nswThe Area News in  Griffith (NSW) reported that a  law firm has slammed council’s blanket prohibition of ornaments at the city’s cemetery, labelling its notices “misleading” and casting further doubt on the legality of the ban.

A number of Griffith families were outraged after finding the notices under plaques at the city’s cemetery informing them ornamentation and embellishments must be removed, or else staff would take them away.

But Griffith law firm Capello Rowe Lawyers has questioned council’s blanket ban, saying the many ornaments are allowed under legislation so long as they are not fragile or dangerous.

In legal advice provided to The Area News Capello Rowe said council’s initial suggestion all ceramic or glass objects, metal objects or items extending beyond the boundaries of the grave were banned, under the Crown Lands Act (General Reserves) by-law 2006,  was misleading.

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