SBS Cultural Competence Program Logo Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Multicultural NSW and International Education Services Limited (IES), have collaborated to launch the Cultural Competence Program, a mobile app and online training tool created to help Australian organisations navigate and maximise the benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace.

The Cultural Competence Program has been designed for public and private organisations to help build their employees’ knowledge and understanding of Australia’s diverse cultures and practices, increasingly relevant for our culturally diverse workplaces today.

 The program explores topics including cross-cultural communication, addressing stereotypes, unconscious bias, diversity in the workplace, and enhancing understanding about the benefits of multiculturalism to Australia.

SBS Managing Director, Michael Ebeid, said: “Across all industries and sectors, greater understanding of the benefits of diversity is an increasingly valuable tool for organisations. Diversity is at the heart of what we do at SBS, and this Cultural Competence Program delivers on our commitment to utilising our Charter and digital leadership to contribute to a more cohesive Australia, through deepening understanding of the many cultures that make up our country today.”

Multicultural NSW CEO, Hakan Harman, added: “Cultural diversity is our greatest strength and asset. This outstanding resource will enable any business to build mutual respect and intercultural understanding to foster effective, healthy and diverse workplaces in a socially cohesive and harmonious multicultural society. I am proud of our successful collaboration with SBS and IES.”

International Education Services (IES) Managing Director, Chris Evason, also added: “Combining our knowledge from various areas of diversity media, multiculturalism and education meant that we were able to create an innovative, engaging and informative resource for organisations to promote cultural awareness in their workplace through online learning.”

The Cultural Competence Program is made up of eight easy-to-use multimedia learning modules which include animations, engaging activities and video interviews featuring real stories and workplace experiences. Accessed using the app on mobile devices or online, the Cultural Competence Program provides flexibility for employees to complete the course whenever and wherever they want. The program can also be integrated in to existing learning management systems.

It is also supported by The Cultural Atlas, an extensive online resource providing detailed information about a range of cultures, which will continue to be updated.

The Cultural Compentency Program is listed in the CCANSW Business Directory, along with links to the Android and Apple apps, or for more detailed information click the logo below:

SBS Cultural Competence Program Logo