2017 04 27 woronora2It was a busy Anzac Day for Legatees Jim Slaven and Stan Mackie.

In the lead up to Anzac Day, Mr Slaven and Mr Mackie laid wreaths with the Legacy ribbon at Woronora Memorial Park’s which commemorates Australian service personnel and also their families they left behind.

Both men were children when their fathers were killed while serving in World War II.

They became Junior Legatees and when they were older supported Legacy as Legatee volunteers.

Mr Mackie was involved with Legacy as a volunteer for more than 15 years and Mr Slaven has been a Legatee for more than 25 years.

Mr Mackie has been chairman of the Legacy welfare committee for five years, while Mr Slaven has been secretary of the St George Sutherland division of Legacy.

Mr Mackie is the oldest living living ex Junior Legatee who is a Legatee in metropolitan Sydney.

He spent time completing National Service and wears his medals with pride. Sadly, he is unable to wear his father’s medals as they were stolen several years ago.

Apart from laying wreaths at the Woronora Military Memorial they also laid wreaths in another part of the memorial park which remembers the military cost of sacrifice.

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