forestcemeteryThe ABC online reports how a small community near Goulburn NSW persuaded the State Government to resume land containing a historic cemetery and sell it back to them for $1, meaning the cemetery is now safe in perpetuity.

Goulburn MP Pru Goward said the council had agreed to waive the rates bill of about $1,500.

For almost 120 years, the Forest Cemetery, in a small paddock outside Goulburn, effectively had no owner.

Photo: Goulburn pioneer Harriet Grubb was one of the cemetery's founders.

It was founded in the 1870s by two of the region's early pioneers — Robert and Harriet Grubb — because their community had no horse and buggy to transport corpses into town.

But in 1893, Mr Grubb died and left the cemetery to his eldest son, who died months later from chickenpox, without leaving a will.

In 1900, the trustees of his estate, unsure of what to do with the cemetery, placed a caveat over the land that it could not be bought and sold.

Care of the plot was lthen eft to the nearby Anglican Church.

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