graham boydThe Camden Courier reports the establishment of a new  Indigenous cemetery on Crown land next to the existing Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park in Botany. The NSW and the La Perouse Aboriginal land councils agreed to remove multiple land claims over the 3.8-hectare Bumbora Point site to close the deal.

In exchange, the La Perouse land council will be given licences to allocate 125 double-depth graves and 100 cremation positions to its community, which required special permission that was granted by the NSW government.

The land will also provide 2000 additional double-depth graves for the general community plus decades of new cremation positions.

Graham Boyd, chief executive of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, said the Indigenous cemetery was an opportunity to pay the "ultimate respect for the customs and history of our Aboriginal neighbours".

Without any additional spaces, burial space at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park (run by the Southern Trust) would run out in 15 years, Mr Boyd said.

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