SMCTNSWLOGO NEWAccording to an ABC news report the trust that operates Sydney's sprawling Botany Cemetery has negotiated a deal that will allow the park to expand onto land significant to Aboriginal people.


The La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council have agreed to remove their claims over the land at Bumbora Point.

In return, an Aboriginal cemetery will be incorporated into the new site, to maintain Indigenous connection with the land.

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust has also relinquished its licence over the 150-year old heritage listed Chinese Market Garden nearby.

In 2015, there was an outcry when the Cemeteries Trust considered expanding onto the farm — one of the last remaining in the Sydney metropolitan area.

In a further bid to get Randwick Council's backing, the trust has offered to hand over a strip of the foreshore for public access and recreational use.

The trust's chief executive Graham Boyd said it was vital the land was rezoned for cemetery use.

Botany cemetery chinese gardens

La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council chief executive Chris Ingrey said the agreement was a win-win situation and would make Aboriginal burials more affordable. The council is due to debate the matter at its next general meeting on March 28.

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