archbishop welby canterburyThe Sunday Mirror in the UK  says it is taking a stand against the cost of burying a child. It says that the cost to bereaved families has been described  as a ‘postcode lottery’ by experts;  some councils charge thousands of pounds to bury a child.  The MIrror alleges a web of bureaucracy and greed tying up parents at their most vulnerable. The Mirror  has teamed the Labour Party to end what it calls a "cruel system". It has also won the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Earlier this year, Trevor Wheble - a fourth generation stonemason - gave evidence to a Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into funeral costs.

Mr Wheble - who part-owns two memorial companies in Winchester and Southampton - hit out at the different charges levelled on grieving families.

He said: “In Winchester there has just been an enormous rise in the cemetery fees, with people living outside the Winchester border having to pay double and treble the already exorbitant fee.”

Mr Wheble pointed out that a child’s grave in Winchester has gone up from £405 to £1,000.