Howdy ACCA Members. I hope your week is going well and that you are all looking forward to a well-earned break for Christmas.

 The ACCA Facebook page (your ACCA Facebook page) is up and running and we need you to log in to your Facebook account and then hit the link below and LIKE the page.

 ‘Liking’ the page will connect you with industry information and updates, and also with colleagues from within our sector and beyond. You’ll also have the ability to contribute comments to different articles and posts. What a great way to learn and share information with each other!

 If you don’t already have a Facebook account and would like to set one up but don’t know how to, I suggest speaking with someone younger than you. It worked for me! Alternatively, feel free to contact our office and we will help you.

 Our Facebook page is really gaining momentum, and similar to almost every other industry is fast becoming one of the most popular and sought after ways to stay in touch.