Back in June 2016 we linked a story about a Hungarian grave digging competition.The winning team from that event recently went on to compete for the prize in a regional competition held a Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services (SAPAKS) conference.

The Hungarians failed to win, being out dug by a team of Slovakians who took grave digging gold.  Ladislav and Csaba Skladan, aged 43 and 41 respectively, dug a grave 1.5 metres deep, two metres long and 90 centimetres wide in 54 minutes in the western Slovak town of Trencin on Thursday.

 The duo beat 10 other two-member teams from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary as a small audience cheered loudly. The winners described grave digging as "fun" (you may grimace).

 Spectator writes

Grave digging is hard work which must be done with dignity. To present this job to the public, the Slovak Association of Funeral and Cremation Services (SAPAKS) organised a competition in digging graves on November 10.

“It is a unique competition in central Europe,” SAPAKS director Ladislav Stríž told The Slovak Spectator. “People were laughing when we organised it for the first time two years ago.”

Two-member teams had to dig graves 2 metres long, 0.9 metre wide and 1.5 metres deep grave as quickly as possible.

Then they had to fill the grave and neatly arrange it, as nice looking graves earn extra points.

Around 30 grave diggers from Slovakia, Hungary and Poland participated. The fastest team was from Slovak Pastorok Funeral Service. It completed the task in 50 minutes.

“The beginning was the hardest part because of stones,” Csaba Skladad of Pastorok Funeral Service told The Slovak Spectator.

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