sculpture.jpgSculpture in Sydney is not confined to museums and galleries. As well as being the 20th year of the rapturous Sculpture by the Sea, it is also the eighth year of a completely different sculpture walk, well away from coastlines and shores but no less arresting. Hidden’s 43 works are carefully selected and carefully placed among the landscaping and headstones at the city’s oldest, largest and most multicultural working cemetery, Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney’s west.

Although initially within the wide, open piece of land near the café, curator of the last six years (and an artist herself) Cassandra Hard Lawrie, has “placed the artworks in proximity to the graves in the Anglican and General part of the cemetery. I use two areas—one in a newer section but most of the works are situated in an older Victorian area.”

As she told the Sydney Morning Herald, “It’s an old, beautiful crumbly Victorian cemetery, and I just see it as a piece of history and something that’s got all these gorgeous trees and birds.”

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