The Central West Daily news site reports Orange and Cabonne councils have asked for patience as ongoing wet weather continues to soak and delay work at the region’s cemeteries.

Although no complaints had yet been received, Cabonne mayor Ian Gosper asked residents to be patient with the shire’s 11 cemeteries.

“The ground is so saturated and waterlogged at the moment that it is very difficult to get mowers and other plant on to the areas required and this is making it difficult to present our cemeteries in their best condition,” he said.

Cr Gosper said the prolonged wet period meant there would be a very heavy mowing schedule for the remainder of the spring and summer.

“As you can imagine, grass growth will be prolific,” he said.

Cr Gosper also warned a certain amount of subsidence could occur at some cemeteries as the ground dried out and appealed to the community to notify the council as soon as possible if they noticed any subsidence so repairs could be coordinated.

He also urged people visiting cemeteries not to drive off the internal roads or they could become bogged and damage the grounds.

“We don’t want to see people’s vehicles becoming stuck,” he said.

“Our cemeteries have a special place in our hearts. I know most residents treat them with the utmost respect and I am certain people will continue to do so.

“Please abide by any traffic signs in cemeteries, particularly road closed signs.”


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