2016 09 06 Wirra Wonga resized for PM 955x537Arun Ramchand hears first-hand the many reasons people opt for natural burials within a cemetery. Recently, one story stood out. The community engagement consultant with Adelaide Cemeteries Authority was touched to hear a widow explain why her husband wanted to be buried in the bush, without a headstone.

“The lady said he was always an angel at heart and he wanted a natural burial so that in two or three years he would be back into the earth and someone else could use the site,” Mr Ramchand says.

“His wife said he was always thinking about other people and the community. He thought a tombstone would take up space that future generations could enjoy. And there will be so many headstones and cemeteries if you fast-forward 200 years that there won’t be any land left.”

Mr Ramchand says concern for future generations and the environment are key motivators for people opting for a natural burial.

He works with people contemplating being laid to rest in either of Adelaide’s two natural burial grounds, which are named in honour of traditional owners, the Kaurna people.

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