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UK: Aberdeen City Council's report on baby ashes scandal

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aberdeen crematoriumYou may recall revelations about inappropriate handling of "Baby Ashes" at the Hazlebud Crematorium in Scotland. The Evenining Express no reports;

Council chief executive Angela Scott is considering which senior managers should be held responsible for the authority’s handling of the baby ashes scandal.

A long-awaited report on the issue will go before full council tomorrow which reveals Ms Scott is looking into what, “if any”, action should be taken over “how operational and strategic responsibility had been managed in relation to Aberdeen Crematorium”.

In June, the council was slammed in the National Cremation Investigation, led by former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini.

The inquiry said the most serious issues of the entire Scotland-wide investigation had taken place at the city’s Hazlehead Crematorium, run by the local authority.

“Unethical and abhorrent practices” were found to have taken place over many years.

Staff at the crematorium were found to have been cremating deceased infants in the same chamber as adults.

Ms Scott also said she appointed Richard Penn, an experienced chief executive of a number of major urban local authorities, including 10 years as the head of Bradford City Council, at the end of June to assist in looking at how operational and strategic responsibility for the crematorium had been managed.

In the report, she said this investigated from December 2012 and was to highlight how things could be improved. However, Ms Scott said Mr Penn’s input, which is of “significant benefit”, will be included as a “confidential appendix”.


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