2016 06 30 crhf micra pacemaker tines 300Courtesy of the AFDA, we have been advised that there is a new innovation in pacemakers that is currently being trialled in Australia, and if successful, will likely lead to broader introduction to patients across the country.
Called the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System, the device is a leadless pacing system that can remain safely implanted in the heart, even after patient death.
AFDA have contacted the manufacturer Medtronic to ask whether removal of the pacemaker is required prior to cremation.
The formal advice of Medtronic is attached, but put simply Medtronic advise that the device will not impact cremators so removal is not required prior to cremation.
Please contact Mary Reid, CCA, on 02 9264 2000 should you require any assistance or further information.