The Daily Telegraph reports a major landslip at Waverley Cemetery. According to the paper, Waverley Cemetery wasn’t spared by the weekend’s wild weather which smashed the east coast of NSW.

Two days of heavy rain and rough conditions caused the landslip at the clifftop Waverley Cemetery, sending huge boulders and debris crashing down onto the beach below.

Waverley Council has roped off a section around the adjacent walking track and repair work is now under way.

Perched high on the clifftops overlooking Bronte, the graveyard has operated since 1877 and in recent years has become the source of a struggle between Waverley Council and a local heritage group, who had lobbied for a building on the same spot as this week’s landslip.

The report states Council has repeatedly rejected proposals to build any form of structure on the clifftop, most recently in August 2015 when the plan was deemed financially unfeasible.

Story Link - Daily Telegraph