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Australia's multicultural community deals with death in many ways but the need for respectful, accessible and affordable burial and cremation options is common to people of all traditions.

Across Australia most cemeteries and crematoria are operated by councils, religious institutions, community trusts and private companies and their role is governed by state legislation and overseen by small groups of government employees. In Victoria, this group is housed within the Department of Health and in New South Wales within a new standalone business unit within the Department of Primary Industries.

John Filocamo is operations manager at Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW, a role he moved into after years of managing Crown Lands.

The job calls for tact and understanding of the varied community views on the disposal of human remains and the need for government to ensure that facilities and land are available to meet all needs.

Mr Filocamo says the creation of the new unit was a response to growing awareness that cemetery space in the Greater Sydney area is running out and that, state-wide, management of some older cemeteries was inadequate.

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