Happy funeralsAn article from the West Australian - Exclusive Kate Emery January 4 2016

The growing trend towards funerals that “celebrate life” may interfere with people’s ability to grieve, according to the body that handles Perth’s burials and cremations.

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board WA chief executive Peter Deague said changes in the way funerals were held and a lack of organised religion meant the average Australian was “rudderless” when faced with the death of a loved one.


The MCB and other cemetery authorities want to fund research on the consequences for society when Australians fail to deal with their grief.

“People aren’t dealing with grief particularly well and what we’ve found over the past 20 years or so is this whole celebration of life around funerals, it’s not really allowing people to grieve,” Mr Deague said.

“It’s something that the MCB is looking at doing with the other 11 crown cemetery authorities in Australia and we’re looking at funding research — whether that’s funding a PhD student or Masters student or researcher — to really see if there’s a link between not dealing with grief and some of the other societal issues.

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