religious symbolsI've been following a story from Accrington, Lancashire, where the council has removed the cross from a crematorium chapel so as to avoid offending non-Christians. Most reports on the matter express varying degrees of outrage or disappointment. 

I suspect Australian operators might be nonplussed about such things; most public chapels I've visited over the years manage their chapels so they can accommodate all religions and the non religious. Importantly, great efforts are made not to cause offence to anyone.

Of course, the difference here is that a cross that was removed was fixed. Nevertheless, how hard can it be to manage something like this with minimum impact?

Anyway, the story from Lancashire continues to get traction. The bloggers and op-eds are out in force. I have linked some of the efforts below;

Outrage as crematorium takes down wooden cross that's been in place for more than 50 years because it might offend non-Christians

  •     Accrington Crematorium's cross removed to avoid upsetting guests
  •     Council had become concerned that secular groups could be offended
  •     Despite being centrepiece for half a century, now needs to be requested
  •     Bishop joins councillors in slamming decision, which they say is the 'creeping madness of political correctness undermining Christian values'

Removal of large Christian cross from Accrington Crematorium Chapel labelled 'absolute disgrace'

A decision to remove a large Christian cross from Accrington Crematorium Chapel has been labelled an ‘absolute disgrace’.

The wooden cross had been permanently located in the chapel off Burnley Road since 1956.

We should not abandon our Christian heritage just to be politically correct

This is a shameful act of political correctness especially when one considers that neighbouring councils are perfectly happy to keep the cross in place unless people ask for it to be removed.

Crematorium cross removed to avoid offending non-religious visitors

Critics have described the decision to remove the cross from view at the crematorium in Lancashire as 'political correctness gone mad


I for one recall  being on the receiving end of a "spray" more than a couple of times over the years because the chapel did not meet the symbolic expectations.