cambodia cremation 800A Taipei Times feature reports; "To provide relief to poverty-stricken villagers in Cambodia, a Taiwanese charity has built more than 100 crematoriums at remote villages to offer free cremation services, while donating solar LED lamps to households without electricity.

Cambodia-based philanthropist Yang Wei-lin (楊蔚齡) founded the Field Relief Agency of Taiwan in 1995 and has since committed herself to helping provide emergency aid, food relief, student aid, vocational training, schools, micro-loans and the establishment of free crematoriums and morgues in Cambodia over the past 20 years."

Based in Poipet on the Cambodia-Thailand border, the foundation is taking care of more than 100 orphans and has sponsored the vocational education of nearly 5,000 students, helping to build schools where more than 10,000 students have studied, Yang said.

Villagers who are too poor to afford funeral services at public morgues usually cremate the bodies of their loved ones on rice paddies in the open, lacking privacy and “exposing innocent children” to the events, she said.

Some villagers are so poor that they cannot buy enough firewood to build an efficient pyre, resulting in partially cremated bodies being exposed in the open, increasing the pain and suffering of bereaved families, who blame themselves for being unable to offer a proper funeral to bid a final farewell to the departed, she added.

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