Clr Sam Rowland GoulburnWe have covered the Marulan Muslim Cemetery D.A. from time to time. This morning there is news that one councillor is refusing to sign a letter to the community, particularly those objecting to the development. According to the Goulburn Council's general manager, the letter, under a mayoral heading,  is intended present some facts relating to the D.A.

Cr SAM Rowland (pictured left)says he won’t be signing a council letter addressed to objectors of the proposed Islamic Cemetery. He’s branded it “disingenuous” and likely to ‘further erode’ trust between Council and opponents of the controversial plan.

The Goulburn Post reports the situation then changed when Clr. Geoff Kettle (pictured below)  declared a non-pecuniary significant interest in the matter. 

 An objector, Charles Clr Kettle GoulbrunMendel, donated to his 2012 council re-election campaign. Mr Bennett said the letter explained Council’s position regarding the upcoming case and the fact the DA had been taken out of its hands with the court action.

“There seem to be some misunderstandings,” he said. Cr Rowland said he’d only sign it “with editing.” He was not comfortable with some aspects.

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Goulburn Council reject Muslim Cemetery D.A.