carry coffinLaunceston's (TAS) Examiner newspaper reports feedback from funeral directors and the public has seen the Launceston City Council consider imposing a 15.4 per cent increase on burial fees.

It was reported last month that the council sought to increase burial plot fees at both Carr Villa and Lilydale cemeteries by 25 per cent each year for the next three years.

The matter will be considered at Tuesday's council meeting.

At the last full council meeting, aldermen sought more information for how much the plot rate might be if extended over a five-year period instead of three.

A single depth at need plot at Carr Villa may increase from $1625 to $2030, or up $250.

A double depth at need plot may rise from $1776 to $2220, or up by $213.

Council finance manager Paul Gimpl said the rate increase was due to the ongoing operating costs and capital funding, so costing ratepayers $475,000 a year.

"Significant fee increases are proposed for a number of years to reduce this deficit," Mr Gimpl stated.

"The increase in burial charges is expected to be at similar levels for the next five years so as to bring the operations in line with comparable facilities and address an operating deficit and align to market benchmarks."

The 15 per cent increase would be in line with what the council introduced in 2014-15.

T. M. Foley Funerals director Nick Lee addressed aldermen on the matter, saying with a 25 per cent increase, a double depth plot would rise by 322 per cent with compound interest over four years, from $1342 to $4002.

He called the initial proposal "unethical, immoral and unacceptable".

Source: Examiner newspaper.